Value creation across your portfolio

Improve EBITDA, efficiency, and create innovation

Every transaction dictates different priorities. For some, creating a long term stream of transformation initiatives makes sense. For others, generating free cash flow through hard dollar savings is key to ensuring success.


From new portfolio additions to mature investments, Yates delivers the strategy, relationships, procurement and execution required to maximize portfolio and company-specific valuations.


We drive unique approaches to EBITDA improvements by aligning customer and supplier relationships, creating and leveraging new service delivery models, and delivering sustainable bottom line savings.


Our focus:


  • Due diligence and deal assessments
  • Clean room assessment and prioritization
  • Quick-hit savings and deal synergies
  • Targeted OPCO initiatives
  • Technology rationalization and refresh
  • Organization assessment and design
  • Supply chain transformation and remediation
  • Post-transaction commercial and operational implementations
  • Implementing governance and risk mitigation

Yates is an IT consultancy that partners with senior executives to create the strategy, blue prints, financial mechanisms and execution plans to drive and achieve transformation. Our clients gain measurable cost savings, new capabilities, and the ability to outperform their competition.


Achieving full potential in the marketplace involves all aspects of the corporation: capabilities and liabilities, culture and politics, communications between executives and the workforce, service delivery, business performance and operational ability. Navigating and prioritizing these elements, and identifying the right levers to pull to achieve change, is a complex challenge.  We deliver the expertise, process, risk mitigation and resources to accelerate transformation success.


Yates is a WBENC certified business



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