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Enabling the customer journey now and in the future

Empowering customers to engage your business anytime and anywhere can be a daunting initiative. Yates can help build and implement a successful strategy.


Yates partners with business and IT leaders to achieve transformation through journey vision and strategy, improving customer services and experiences, building trust, strong relationships and customer engagement that provide measurable value for all parties. In addition, we can help build scalability, agility and optionality in the technology to support future customer experiences, and gain efficiencies in service delivery.


Our focus:


  • Customer journey assessment and vision
  • Automation and artificial intelligence
  • Improving experiential analytics and metrics (CSAT, NPS)
  • Workforce management and optimization
  • CRM and content platform selection and optimization
  • Supplier sourcing and negotiation
  • Governance and risk management

Yates is an IT consultancy that partners with senior executives to create the strategy, blue prints, financial mechanisms and execution plans to drive and achieve transformation. Our clients gain measurable cost savings, new capabilities, and the ability to outperform their competition.


Achieving full potential in the marketplace involves all aspects of the corporation: capabilities and liabilities, culture and politics, communications between executives and the workforce, service delivery, business performance and operational ability. Navigating and prioritizing these elements, and identifying the right levers to pull to achieve change, is a complex challenge.  We deliver the expertise, process, risk mitigation and resources to accelerate transformation success.


Yates is a WBENC certified business



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